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Browse through Magdalena's albums below, you can obtain them from various retailers. You can also listen to original songs from the Jazz albums in the Listen section.

"It is a unique and charming contribution of original blues-tinted jazz"


2007 Blue Cafe Album (Latest Records)

Magdalena Reising and the Blue Cafe


2010 Coming Home Album

Magdalena Reising and the Blue Cafe jazz Ensemble


2014 All About Love (original love songs) Magdalena Reising and Shane Hill


2008 Vaila’s Song

Magdalena Reising with Andrew Ballantyne


Aug 2010 Harp solo Favourites

Magdalena Reising


2014 Simply Ambient (gentle ambient music for guitar and harp)

Shane Hill and Magdalena Reising


Dec 2017 Ocean Heart

Magdalena Reising

2021 Healing Through The Energy Centres

Harp / Voice

Magdalena Reising


1996 Coral Moon

Shamana (Hanna and Magdalena)


2000 Spirits of Fire (Coral Moon Records)

Shamana (Hanna and Magdalena)


2005 Invisible Threads (Latest Records)

Hanna and Magdalena


2004 Pearls

Mandy and the Magdalenas


and many recordings as a session artist including for Emminemylou, Legs, Mr Bogus…


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