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“Julie London meets Sinead O’Connor in Magdalena Reising. Somewhere between the wistful old-school glamour of her silky voice, floor-length sparkly white gown and the traditional Scottish and Polish folk songs she integrates seamlessly with her original compositions, Magdalena has found a sound that is both timeless and magical. Everyone was silently captivated from start to end. With her harp, named (she told us) Queen Gabriella, Graham Robb on double bass and Louise Durra on piano, the dreamlike quality of her voice echoed with skill and flair, and the chemistry between the three performers, as well as her convivial anecdotes, created a tingling intimacy with the audience that made them feel like old friends. I bought the CD.”


Jazz Bar, 11-12 August, tw rating 5/5


“With her sparkling personality and instant rapport with her audience, imported from Hibernia via her Polish parentage and now resident in this area Magdalena is truly multi-faceted, and her programme reflected this.

The combination of Magdalena’s harp with Steve Thompson’s double-bass and Terry Seabrook’s  keyboard under the title  Blue Cafe Jazz is intriguingly original. Certainly the solos of all three, integrated into the action, were much appreciated by an audience obviously in tune with the jazz idiom.

Magdalena’s professionalism based on intimate contact with her audience reached those at the rear of the auditorium as readily as those in the tables at the front. Beginning with a Polish melody Dzigo Roza, she demonstrated her expertise on the harp in her own compositions, changing to a set of familiar standards.  Terry and Steve were dominant in The Waiting Game, the trio closing the first half with a hit from The Sound of Music, My Favourite Things.

Openng the second half Magdelena gave the full treatment to the ballad The Nearness of You, the second chorus in jazzed-up format, leading into an up-tempo version of the  Al Jolson number Bye Bye Blackbird.  A harp solo was the wistful reminder of the Jacobite era Charlie is My Darling, the trio joining for My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose.  Terry at the keyboard sequed into Autumn Leaves, Steve joining for the second chorus, Magdalena following for The End of Love.

Magdalena bowed to the audience’s request for more with a sympathetic treatment of Edith Piaf’s signature La Vie en Rose, repeated in the English version Take me to You Heart Again.

A greatly applauded first visit by this unique trio to St Marys with hopefully more to come.”


Lark Reviews, Jazz Breakfast at St Mary in the Castle


“If you like female jazz singers backed with piano and wind instruments, then Magdalena Reising might entice you take a listen to her offering on Blue Cafe. The 10 tracks found here are all original blues/jazz songs. Magdalena is also a harpist and has released several prior CDs including Vaila's Song. When I first listened to her vocals, I did not hear an accent; I later learned Magdalena is from the U.K.


The title track, "Blue Cafe," is a slow, smoky, sultry piece. As Magdalena sings at one point "Here, there's flickers of days gone by." This song sounds like it could be from another decade. (I should probably note at this point that the creation of this CD has actually lead to the creation of the Blue Cafe Band.)

"Winter Love" is a single that was released from this CD. This song is a standard jazz piece with a more upbeat tempo than some other tracks. What starts off as a positive peace about a passionate relationship ends in a different light. Ultimately, you get the impression that as the seasons changed, so did their love. What I can't tell from the lyrics is if he left her or passed away.

One song that sounded very familiar to me was "Since You've Been Gone." I thought I had heard it before, but apparently not since it is an original. The melody is lead by guitar and is more bluesy than other tracks. The gist of the song is that the singer is actually better off since the person she is singing to has left her.


The jazz ensemble supporting Magdalena on Blue Cafe includes Christopher Page on piano, synthesizer and hammond organ, Michael Simons playing guitar, Jo Whiteman on double bass, Alex Eubard with the drums, Ian Price on the soprano and tenor saxophone, Simon Savage on tenor sax, Tim Wade playing trombone, Robert Heisman tearing up the trumpet, Tom Arnold playing accordion and congo, and Julian Tardo on electric guitar.


Magdalena is quite the talented singer/songwriter/musician. She is an accomplished harpist. While I might personally prefer the harpist side of her musical personality, I can appreciate the jazz side as well. Magdalena's vocals are perfect for the type of jazz songs she croons.”


Will Owens, Ramble Reviews

The Blue Café Jazz

“In her purest jazz outing yet, Magdalena Reising delivers a treat of an album.

This truly is a pan European jazz record with five nationalities represented in the ensemble - and with songs by Polish poet Galczynski and the Scot Robert Burns on the record as well as originals by Magdalena and Steve Thompson.

I look forward to seeing Magdalena live and to see this fabulous group she has assembled showcasing many of the great songs she has written over the last few prolific years much like Joni did.

A great album and an ideal album to tour Europe !”


Bill Smith - Latest Magazine

Coming Home Album

“the kind of subtle magical power happening at the Blue Café won’t be held across the Pond for long. The similarly charming and talented Corinne Bailey Rae became a Grammy nominated sensation and a major presence on the U.S. pop and jazz charts, and there’s no reason why Reising couldn’t follow suit with enough Stateside interest and promotion. This album is the reason why jazz and pop fans looking for the next big thing need to focus on the great indie artists out there rather than just what the major labels keep throwing our way”


New York Review


“Word of her prowess as singer and instrumentalist is obviously spreading fast. Her music raises the spirits and I walked out into the cold night enveloped in a warm glow. Her singing is delicate and feminine but with an underlying strength and depth.”


Author, Geoff Edwards


“Magdalena’s rich deep voice, accompanied by the brilliance of Steve Thomson on double bass, the satin finesse of Hollywood composer Christopher Page on piano and the genius of Alex Eberhard on percussion ‘will transport you to a place of low-lit glamour.”


Wave Magazine


“...dazzling with playful vocal textures..."


Jazz Monthly


“Superbly arranged jazz and blues tinted originals. First rate”


The Musician


“Magdalena Reising’s debut album gives the listener a good view of her talent as an inspired songwriter and sensitive performer. The album features a well-balanced diversity of tempos and rhythms, from meditative to joyful, beautifully captured in a jazz-blues atmosphere by excellent musicians”


“Quite possibly one of the most stunning albums I ever had the privilege of listening to”


Isles FM

Blue Café Album

"A beautiful spirit playing moving , spiritual , serene music adding  class and sophistication to the Cunard brand"


Guest on the QE ship


“Amara brought joy to the heart and fed the soul with their enchanting, mezmerizing, floating dialogue between harp, flute and voice - a magical evening”


Dee, Artist


“I quite regularly go to live concerts and enjoy all kinds of music. I was especially blessed when I heard ‘Amara’ - I really feel the need to tell you that I have never in my life (and I am 66 years young) been as moved as I was by your music, it was really very special. A big thank you for the beauty of your music!”


Joan, Therapist


“A wedding without music would feel incomplete. It has been such a special event thanks to the beautiful duo. Their repertoire is wonderful, rich and beautifully played both during the ceremony and at the reception. A lovely mood was created”


Catherine Davis, Teacher


“Hauntingly beautiful”


Latest Magazine


"We have cruised with Cunard several times and always look forward to the gorgeous

 harp playing by this beautiful talented lady. She is not only an extremely accomplished harpist but has the most wonderful singing voice, which is a great combination."


Trish Winton - guest on The Queen Elizabeth Ship



"One of the true pleasures of sailing on Cunard Line ships is the opportunity to listen to extremely talented musicians such as harpist Magdalena Reising. When I am on board I make it a point to seek her out to hear her play such wonderful pieces such as Prelude

 in C and Dance Me to the End of Love. A beautiful talent not to be missed. Enjoy! "


Patrick  Carter - guest on The Queen Mary 2 Ship


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