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James Gordon Winter is an actor/performer who has travelled extensively in Asia and has an interest in eastern spirituality and exploring the effect of the vibrational power of gongs.


Magdalena Reising is a professional singer and harpist who lives in Brighton when she’s not out at sea as resident harpist on Cunard’s flagship Queen Mary 2 cruise liner.

She combines her love of music with a love of spiritual development and complementary therapy. She is a qualified in various healing modalities and has  a diplomas in sound healing.


They invite you to lie on a blanket on the ground and experience the soothing sounds of gongs, singing bowls  and the harp  which will resonate over and through your body, promoting well being, relaxation and meditation.

The vibrational sound of Paiste symphonic and accent gongs combined with a rain stick and the deep and holy rhythmic pulse of a Burmese Kyeezee spinning temple bell, enable the rhythm of the body to return to peace, stillness and calm.

This is a relaxing and rejuvenating experience from which you will emerge energised.

It is an opportunity to rebalance the internal rhythms of the body through the healing power of sound and vibration promoting tranquillity.

Gongs are an ancient and non-intrusive  method of quieting the noisy mind and clearing the path for meditation.


 The gong is a sound maker which replicates the sounds of nature, of thunder, earthquakes, the boom and crash of the waves on the sea. It is different every time it is played and the relationship between the player and the instrument lives in the moment.

The harp is a celestial instrument which plays notes and harmonies, it is tuned and requires highly skilled musicianship. It evokes the heavens, and demands practice and dedication.

Together they are the depths and the heights, the darks and the lights.


The chakra in sanskrit means 'wheel' and refers to energy points in the body . There are 7 main chakra or  energy centres which are located from the  base of the spine to the top of the head . There are more which exist at another consciousness level.

Each chakra responds to a specific sound-healing frequency.

When your chakras are in balance, your body, mind and spirit are full of vitality and health.


  Chakra Balancing  combines voice with ancient mantras, affirmations, harp and gong  to harness tuned music and primal sounds as a healing resource for mind, spirit  and body.

By utilising the elemental power of the gong and the ethereal elegance of the harp - the intention is for all parts of mind ,spirit and body to be reached, re-balanced, and calmed.

Recordings and videos coming soon of Healing Sounds !

Bookings  via email - Harp and Gong baths for groups, in one of Hove s loveliest Brunswick Square drawing rooms ( England ) 



 photography -

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Hello all,

Three of us ( Maria, Ahana and myself)  joined Magdalena and Gordon in the harp going bath last Monday evening. It was a most soothing and relaxing experience. There were about nine of us in a small room with soft lighting - perfect!
The sound of the gong reverberated in wave after wave. It was at times quite awesome, in a good wholesome way. It would then give way to the harp which contrasted beautifully with the gong's booming presence.
It was total Immersion.
 The one problem, as I said to Magdalena, was  my interfering mind, that mischief maker. It would  lead me astray to far of places. Only thankfully to be brought back to sound.
There were lovely fragrances in the air adding to the whole experience.
Thank you Magdalena and Gordon.
I never had a sound bath before, wow what an experience! I was expecting it to be relaxing but not so relaxing that it was difficult to walk or talk afterwards!! A really interesting experience, I’ll definitely do it again. Thank you Magdalena and Gordon.
That was wonderful! From your love and life affirming words and lovely lyrics and beautiful music and the gong sounds that ‘resonated’ throughout and so atmospheric. I recognised the movie soundtrack connection!
Being a newbee I didn’t know what to expect - rows of chairs in a brightly lit room, thankfully not! The calm and tranquility was wonderful! A warm hug for the soul.
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